Special events

We carry a large selection of fantastic chocolate from all over Costa Rica, as well as our own delicious creations.

Nixtamal Workshop

Come and learn the secrets of corn, how to create delicacies with the dough. In addition we will talk about Mesoamerica and its products, we will cook beans with Tequesquite and Epazote, closing with 3 different sauces. Corn, beans and chili ... the magic trilogy.

Chocolate Truffles

In this intensive Full Immersion course, we do the complete ChocoTour, with tasting of drinks and the explanation of all cocoa processes. We will learn to A) select, B) Prepare and Roast the Cocoa and C) Identify all types of base for truffles. Fully participatory and interactive course with international chef member of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs. We will learn about other ingredients such as essences and seeds that accompany truffles. We finish the workshop by preparing handmade truffles that everyone takes home to enjoy. Includes ChocoTour, snacks and drinks during breaks and at the end of the course and certificate of participation. The truffles that we prepare take them home.