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Ever wonder how chocolate is made? The real chocolate made from 100 cocoa seeds and at the Choco Tour you have this opportunity. The world of chocolate is simple but at the same time, it offers magical combinations, which involve processes that have years of history.


In the case of us, you can create your own chocolate with the help of the guide, and mix it with elements such as cinnamon, chili and other products equally from the earth. The result ? Delicious creations based on real chocolate and any additional element that you want to mix.


Chocolate (in Nahuatl: xocolātl) is the food obtained by mixing two products derived from the manipulation of cocoa seeds: cocoa mass and cocoa butter. From this basic combination the different types of chocolate are elaborated. The end result depends on the proportion between these elements and their mixture, or not, with other products such as milk and nuts. Cocoa has been cultivated by many cultures for at least three millennia in Mesoamerica. The earliest evidence of cocoa use belongs to the Mokaya culture of Mexico, with traces of chocolate drinks dating back to 1900 BC. C. [3] However, the Olmecs of La Venta in Tabasco were the first humans to taste, in the form of a drink, the ground cocoa beans, which they mixed with water and added various spices, herbs and chilli peppers, and they were also the ones who began to cultivate the cocoa in Mexico. In fact, most Mesoamerican people made chocolate drinks, including the Mayas and Aztecs


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Costa Rica is a leading country in the organic cacaco production

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