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We offer the ideal tour for schools, colleges, universities or groups in general. The short duration and the excellent location make it a practical activity that fits both the budget and the time of almost any visiting group.

In the case of schools, we offer a tour that is not only highly educational, explaining in an integral way and with real demonstrations on site all about chocolate, but we also do it in a fun and entertaining way.


Our guides can smell perfectly the interest of the visitor, if it is light or if it is someone who wants a deep and detailed explanation of the chocolate. For groups we offer customized or private tours, and we can quote special activities tailored to any person.


We have served dozens of groups over the past few years. Primary schools are especially fond of the Choco Tour, not only because of the nature of the tour, but also because of the ideal location and short duration.


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Chocolate production in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a leading country in the organic cacaco production

Guide expertise

Our guides have great knowledge about the entire chocolate history, growth and production

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