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Alex Coral and his team

Our guide are very knowledgeable, fun, enthusiastic and you will see they really enjoy all about chocolate and cacao ( cocoa ). Not only do our guides know about the topic, but they also like to interact with our visitors Alex Coral, for instance, the property owner and head guide, has a long history in the culinary scene. Besides, his knowledge about chocolate in general has years in the making, since he is originally from Mexico, the cradle of chocolate and the cacao origins. We pride ourselves in that we run a very complete tours, and away from the typical commercial touristy tours, we really try hard to make the tour fun yet interesting and worth every dollar paid. Our biggest reward is to see visitors having fun and learning, and interacting, questions and even comments are more than welcome all the time.


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Chocolate production in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a leading country in the organic cacaco production

Guide expertise

Our guides have great knowledge about the entire chocolate history, growth and production

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